Client in the Fishing Industry

From Strategy to Reporting

The client and the client's request

Our client is a family business that provides millions of people around the world with healthy and affordable fish products. The company catches, farms, and processes high-quality fish and shrimp.


The client's desire was to take the next step in sustainability, focusing on defining long-term ambitions, applying double materiality, developing a CSR strategy, embedding sustainability within the organization, and preparing a sustainability report to take the first step towards CSRD compliance.

Our approach

Together with the management and the CSR team of our client, we followed these steps:


1) Assessment of Current Position
We mapped out where our client stood in their sustainability journey and defined an ambition and purpose based on how the company creates value.


2) Double Materiality Analysis
We conducted a double materiality analysis to identify the key sustainability themes. This involved analyzing the impact of sustainability themes from both a financial (outside-in) and impact perspective (inside-out) and engaging internal and external stakeholders and experts.


3) Strategy Development
Using the seven most material themes as a foundation, we determined the strategy for the coming years using the OGSM model: objectives, goals, strategies, and measures. This helped translate qualitative ambitions into quantitative goals, indicators, and actions.


4) Embedding Sustainability
Our client wanted to embed sustainability within the organization. We conducted a culture scan to identify how the organization was already operationalizing sustainability. Subsequently, we formed working groups for each theme, helping them start with a theme plan and organizing theme days where various experts shared their knowledge and experiences.


5) Sustainability Reporting
The final step was preparing a sustainability report that must comply with future CSRD guidelines. The content from the previous steps provided input for this report. Our partner handled the design of the report.