Materiality analysis and stakeholder dialogue

Materiality analysis


Every strategy and report starts with determining the so-called material sustainability themes. Where are the negative and positive impacts on people, the environment, and the economy in your value chain? What can you do about them? Which societal challenges can you contribute to? These are questions that we would like to answer together with you in a materiality analysis. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) has double materiality as a fundamental principle. At 2Impact, we have gained extensive experience with this.

Engaging in dialogue with stakeholders is a fundamental principle for sustainable business. What topics do your stakeholders consider important and what role do they see for you? What information do they expect to find in your annual or sustainability report? Structurally setting up stakeholder engagement or setting up a dialogue in the context of a new strategy, strategy re-evaluation or reporting, 2Impact can help you with this.


Our services on this topic

  • Methodology for materiality analysis
  • Guidance for materiality analysis
  • Executing materiality analysis
  • Setting up stakeholder dialogue

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