Dura Vermeer

Reporting roadmap and first integrated annual report.

The client and the client's request

Dura Vermeer is a family business that belongs to the top of the Dutch construction sector. The company is active in the Netherlands in residential construction, utility construction, and infrastructure. Dura Vermeer's core activities include designing, developing, and realizing construction and infrastructure projects, transformation, maintenance, and renovation.


In April 2021, the proposal for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) was adopted by the European Commission, which will require all large companies to report on their sustainability strategy and performance. In response, Dura Vermeer decided to prepare for this in a timely manner and take the step towards an integrated report. Dura Vermeer asked 2Impact for advice and support in realizing the report.

Our approach

Together with Dura Vermeer, we developed a reporting roadmap. The reporting roadmap provides insight into the steps that Dura Vermeer needs to take in the coming years, starting from its ambitions, requirements, and wishes. 2Impact conducted a dual materiality analysis and developed a content plan for the report on 2021. 2Impact, together with partner Domani Report, also created Dura Vermeer's first integrated annual report. In this project, 2Impact was responsible for providing advice and project management, while Domani Report was in charge of content production and design. You can find this report here.

 "Developing the roadmap made the steps we need to take clear and manageable. Through the collaboration with 2Impact, we achieved much more in one year than I had dared to hope."

Hanneke Wisman
Directeur Finance, risk and control - Dura Vermeer Groep