Royal Smit & Zoon

Providing CSRD guidance

Client background

Royal Smit & Zoon stands as a global leader in supplying chemicals vital to the tanning, wet end, and finishing processes within the leather industry. Established in 1821 in the Netherlands, this family-owned enterprise, now in its 7th generation of leadership, has garnered worldwide recognition for its commitment to sustainability and excellence. Its pioneering spirit extends beyond product development to encompass a holistic approach to sustainability.


The company actively collaborates with stakeholders across the leather industry, advocating for best practices and driving positive change throughout the supply chain. Through initiatives focused on research, education, and outreach, Royal Smit & Zoon strives to foster a culture of sustainability that transcends borders and inspires industry-wide transformation. Their mission: ‘to create a socially and environmentally sustainable leather value chain, together’ underscores their commitment to environmental, social, governance (ESG) topics, and innovation.  

Objective and approach

Royal Smit & Zoon wanted to update their ESG strategy and, while developing that strategy, ensure that their double materiality assessment (DMA) and sustainability reporting comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Their objectives were to: 


 - Conduct a double materiality assessment

 - Conduct a CSRD gap analysis  

 - Create a roadmap for CSRD implementation  

 - Start with the CSRD implementation journey  


We collaborated with Royal Smit & Zoon to conduct a DMA and identified key ESG factors relevant to their stakeholders and business. The DMA is used to inform and update their ESG strategy and set up a CSRD-compliant reporting process. 
2Impact supported Royal Smit & Zoon by setting up a robust DMA process, conducting desk research, preparing interview questions, and facilitating expert sessions. This helped us to understand their business. We then identified impacts, risks, and opportunities (IROs) that specified Smit & Zoon’s material topics. 
We mapped the material topics to the relevant ESRS topical standards and delivered a detailed methodology paper for auditors, documenting each step of the DMA process. 
Double Materiality Assessment Methodology 



Afterwards, we worked with Royal Smit & Zoon on the steps that follow the DMA: we performed a scoping assessment on disclosure and datapoint level and conducted a CSRD gap analysis of the existing publications and internal policies against material disclosure requirements. Those results are now being translated into an update of their ESG Strategy, a CSRD roadmap and an implementation plan. This includes setting up the organisation for success with clear responsibilities for data collection and the assignment of content owners.  
This means that Royal Smit & Zoon will be well prepared in time for the upcoming implementation of the CSRD in their ESG reporting. 


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“2Impact really brought clarity, efficiency and a pragmatic approach to our company’s CSRD preparation process, significantly easing both our strategic planning and CSRD compliance journey. Their expertise ensured we took the right steps till date, involved the right stakeholders at the right time, and focused on key steps without wasting time on unnecessary tasks. During the proposal process, 2Impact stood out with their tailored approach, showing a deep understanding of our unique needs and challenges. They presented a clear and pragmatic plan and demonstrated a commitment to our goals, which was highly reassuring.


Their ability to anticipate all steps in this process and address them proactively really supports us in navigating through this complex legislation. Their guidance is not only professional but also highly adaptive, ensuring we stay on track even when unexpected challenges arise. Their clear direction, efficient methods, and practical advice are key to our successful CSRD preparation till date.” 

Aukje Berden
ESG Director - Royal Smit & Zoon